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Hooligans using ladders

simply-potter asked: Please draw a picture of a snail climbing up a cactus. :)


"… because snowmen are my favorite animals…"

- Erin (while discussing the traumatic experience of watching Frosty)

Anonymous asked: You are creative and thoughtful and funny and I enjoy spending time with you.

thats funny… I was thinking the same thing about you

Anonymous asked: Favorite place to go on vacation (besides your paradisal home)?

Our family has always loved adventure… So there are few places that we vacation to more than once. When we do it’s because there are friends and/or family there (Oregon, Lake Powell). Though I think that my favorite place, to which I have been a couple times and would love to go again, would be London. Though Turkey is definitely the coolest place I have been… Really, if you are looking for an awesome adventure, look into Turkey.