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Pascal - 14

fingertipstrembling said: Pascal, 14


Thor - 6

Today I decided to participate in “The Art Assignment”. I went back and found a video I hadn’t watched, the one on quiet places (#5). I live in the redwoods, so silence is not hard to find. I decided that going up into the woods was too easy, so I climbed through a window in the library to hide out on the roof.

fingertipstrembling said: I have an art suggestion! A killer whale in space! Although nothing will beat the fish in the Wild West... That was the greatest art to ever art.


Call For Creativity


If you send me a prompt I will make an art for you.

It’s summer! So I have time for such things again!

I have a comcast email address. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve typed “” and been like, “nope, thats a different thing… I don’t know what, but I don’t think I want it.”